What is Mercedes Jet Class?

What is Mercedes Jet Class. We dive deep into the world of customised V Classes' and what really sets Senzati's Mercedes Jet Class apart from its competition.

Karim Usmani

11/17/20235 min read

Mercedes Jet Class Chauffeur Service | Smart City Prestige
Mercedes Jet Class Chauffeur Service | Smart City Prestige

Following on from the pandemic the world has most definitely changed, some most notable than others. The one thing that has seemed to have changed for ever is the land scape of the chauffeur service market.

The pandemic along with changes to regulations in the UK have led costs to increase not only from a buying perspective due to the nature of vehicle emissions required to become licensed, the cost of fuel, the cost of living crisis and the economy.

The most notable change in the landscape of the chauffeur service market has been the types of vehicles being used.

Since the pandemic we have noticed and heavy increase in the desirability of vehicles such as the Mercedes Jet Class. For most consumers this is a relatively new conceptas there was a heavy influx of these vehicles in the pandemic, however Senzati have been building these since their inception in 2013. What do they say, the best ideas are always stolen?!?

Fast forward to 2023 and we have various different brands who offer customised bespoke built-to-order Mercedes V Class vans. The most important fact to remember here is there is only 1 brand who has the right to call their vehicle a Jet Class and that is Senzati due to their patent and in our humble opinion originality.

We will be ranking the following different types of luxurious V Class conversions built by different brands.

Jet Class by Senzati

The Mercedes Jet Class built by Senzati is the godfather of customised V Classes. It is the conversion adored by celebrities such as Harry Kane, Usman Kamani, Winnie Harlow, Mo Sabah to name a few.

Senzati set it self apart from its competitors due to the finish of the interior of the vehicles. You can see as soon as you step inside premium materials have been used to craft this beauty. With a partition screen between the chauffeur and the passengers needing the use of an intercom system. Boasting 2 x pilot seats, 2 x apple TV's, a fridge, built in Wi-Fi this vehicle does not compromises on luxury and its price point is reflected in this with prices starting at circa £130k + VAT it is not hard to see why for a chauffeur service this may not be the most practical vehicle to buy, however we can reassure you the this vehicle is a firm favourite with our high net worth clients, celebrities and athletes.


MVTM by Klassen

The MVTM by Klassen in our opinion is the one conversion that really does give the Mercedes Jet Class a run for its money. The key difference with this particular conversion is that fact that is more business focused offering skype functionality for professionals on the move.

We have had little exposure to the Klassen model and it remains a more popular buying option for Europe as Klassen is a German brand and they are primarily built as left hand drives and it is right hand drives in the UK.

Klassen have also been known to dabble in conversions for Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Volkswagen and various Mercedes-Benz models.

Overall for no other reason other than the fact that is more of a European model car this comes in at an extremely close second to the Mercedes Jet Class by Senzati.


Land Jet by Driven

The Landjet by Driven literally took over the UK market! During the pandemic Driven made a real name for themselves by offering a version of Senzatis Mercedes Jet Class at an affordable price. The marketing of the brand was essential in cementing its name in the conversion market.

Not only were the builds extremely similar to Senzati it was just the use of lower cost materials that really set them apart.

The Landjet was carefully and meticulously targetted at the chauffeur market, with the owners also allowing customers to bring their already owned V Class in for a conversion for a fraction of the price as unlike Senzati you are not buying the whole vehicle from them plus the conversion not unless you don't want to!

With prices starting at £95k it is an extremely attractive model for you when your goal is to make the asset work for you.

In terms of vehicles being built as a conversion here in the UKLandjet by Driven comes in a cool second.


V Class by AC13

The V Class by AC13 comes in two different model variations a 7 seat and 8 seat variation. AC13's model is by far the cheapest in the market with prices starting at £79k from the considerable price drop compared to the previous models mentioned you can really see the difference between something like this and the Senzati Jet Class.

This is not one of the most popular options on the road however from the price point its a good entry level vehicle to get you started on your journey of customised V Classes'.


VIP Class by Clive Sutton

The VIP Class by Clive Sutton is probably the least popular V Class conversion on the road, largely due to their new kid on the block status. Whilst Clive Sutton are known for buying and selling American cars, they have been building customised cars for a while, with there most famous conversion being a LEVC London Taxi that follows the same concept as the Mercedes Jet Class.

Whilst LEVC remains a cool concept, it remains to be seen as to whether there will ever be an apetite for this kind of black taxi s the price point is eye watering.

For us the Clive Sutton model is not our preference, largely due to the finish of the interior and the cost of the vehicle. It doesn't represent value for money, Senzati is expensive however from the finish of the Mercedes Jet Class you can somewhat justify the price point. Unfortunately for Clive Sutton you can not. For a brand that is the most expensive in the market place it isn't our preference for this style of vehicle.


VIP Class | Clive Sutton | Jet Class
VIP Class | Clive Sutton | Jet Class
V Class AC13 | Mercedes Jet Class
V Class AC13 | Mercedes Jet Class
Landjet by Driven | Mercedes Jet Class
Landjet by Driven | Mercedes Jet Class
MTVM by Klassen | Mercedes Jet Class
MTVM by Klassen | Mercedes Jet Class
Mercedes Jet Class Chauffeur Service | Smart City Prestige
Mercedes Jet Class Chauffeur Service | Smart City Prestige