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25 Feb 2016

Could the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ love affair Porsche has always been proud to showcase have come to an abrupt halt? Usually a sublime exterior powered by a voracious motor has been more than enough to keep customer loyalty strong. However, in a recent interview with Australia’s Motoring, Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller told readers “mistakes were made” in the first-generation Panamera. When a Porsche chief executive admits the interior and exterior design of the company’s four-seater could be better, alarm bells start ringing. Read More ›

25 Mar 2015

We bid adieu to our old friend; a friend that carried us through a good 17 years of road trips, tricky English weather, multiple terrains (and girlfriends), pregnant spouses and dreaded school runs. Spanning two generations, we are both saddened yet also super psyched that the Freelander has come to a bittersweet end. Instead, we welcome the new Land Rover Discovery Sport! A justified vehicle with a handful of clever tricks, you’ll be left feeling rather 007 as you pull up to the Waitrose car park – trust us. Sleek, aerodynamic in silhouette, and with those legendary Land Rover capabilities and flexible interior makes this one fine looking piece of – motor. Yes, a fine looking piece of motor. Read More ›

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